Neuqua makes the importance of voting among teens known

   It is no secret that the awareness of voting in America has gone up immensely since recent  elections, the main voter population being the new generation of young adults. Neuqua recently decided to allow high school students to participate in a mock election for the Illinois State Senator. Even though this election has no influence on the real results, it still gives students the opportunity to know what it feels like to let their voices be heard.

   Recent young voter, Mikayla Butler, senior, discussed the importance for voting in our generation saying, “just because we’re young doesn’t mean that our opinions don’t matter…it’s important that we all get treated [with] equality to make this country better in the long run.” For a lot of new voters, they say that they wish they could vote in national elections, but feel too ill informed to do so, while Butler gave the advice that the best thing new voter can do is evaluate your beliefs and values and take the time to research the candidate that best fits what you feel will help the country, and although the voting has passed, this advice still holds strong for future elections, which include waves of new voters, and new waves of young adults who want their voices to be heard through the people that represent them.

Story by Grace Huff

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