War of 204: It’s more than just football

 Football season is an amazing way to not only connect with students but to enjoy the hype of high school football games. Themes and music are some factors that play a role in school spirit but sometimes it is just  the idea of two rival teams playing each other. War of 204, Neuqua Wildcats versus Waubonsie Warriors, will always be the game of the season. Both teams anticipate the win for their team and so do the student bodies.  Our Gold Rush team always does a great job in keeping the spirit within the student section alive. Milyn Ross, Gold Rush leader and junior, suggests that even if the home team isn’t winning, “it’s [Gold Rush’s] job to keep up the energy up throughout the game despite the points.” That’s exactly what happened Friday night during the first War of 204 game this season. Throughout Dick Kerner stadium, energy was still high from the end of JV’s game to the beginning of Varsity’s game.

  Despite the ultimate lose for Neuqua to Waubonsie, a person walking into the stadium would be confused on which side was winning because both student bodies were full of enthusiasm. Of course the energy dies down towards the end of the game because of the fatigue but a lasting feeling remains after leaving a close game like this compared to any other football game played. Watching Gold Rush doing their best with chants and activities and the cheerleading team entertaining everyone with their flips and pyramids, you can really see that Neuqua does their best keeping their students entertained rather than just sitting the whole time and intently watching every detail of the football game. Even walking over to the Waubonsie side of the stadium, you can just feel the natural spirit they held and even feel bit of the intimidation they felt from Neuqua. But tension is always an element between any  game between Neuqua and Waubonsie. If one decides to go to any Neuqua game, War of 204 games are definitely not games to miss out on.


On Waubonsie’s side during halftime, large posters, noisemakers, and anti-Neuqua signs filled the hands of most students in the stands. Students were a bit more comfortable,walking around and not worrying about their spots in the stands than on the other side, showing the contrast between the two schools. Photo by of The Echo.

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