Neuqua’s fine arts

   Over this past weekend, Neuqua Valley hosted its annual Fine Arts Festival. The Fine Arts Festival features the works of groups and individuals from all over the Naperville area, such as various choirs, bands, and orchestras. The event lets young artists show off their progress they’ve made throughout the years, and also showcases those whose pieces are exceptional.

  Not only does the Fine Arts Festival showcase high school students, but also exhibits students from middle school and elementary school. The Fine Arts Festival allows these younger kids to look up to older and more developed artists. As the years go by, the young artists can see how much they’ve grown and how their skills have matured.

  As an artist, it is important to witness the skills of other artists and appreciate what makes their style unique. The Fine Arts Festival provides exposure so that students can appreciate the art of others. To learn and grow, an artist needs to experience others’ work and learn to love the diversity.


Featured above is a display from the Fine Arts Festival. The above showcases the artwork of elementary level students who have created necklaces and other pieces that have demonstrated their artistic talent. Photo courtesy of Karen Sullivan.

Story by Ella Estopare

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