Summer studying

  As the school year comes to a close, students are busy cramming for final exams, but unless they’re taking summer courses, many students will forget everything they have learned before the next school year. This loss of information is troubling for all students because classes require students to add onto information from the previous year. It’s specifically troubling for those continuing to higher levels of the subjects they’ve studied, such as going from honors physics to AP physics.

  According to a Harvard study, 2.6 months of learning in math classes are lost over the summer, and students are more likely to lose math skills than reading skills. Researchers claim it’s more difficult for students to recognize opportunities to apply math skills during the summer than reading skills.

  To prevent the loss of information, students can make Quizlets, flashcards or lists of topics to review every week. Visiting museums or going to educational summer camps also helps students recognize the information they’ve learned outside of the classroom, allowing them to retain the information longer. Finally, required summer work should be completed in late summer–around late July to early August–in order to reinstate beneficial studying habits early to prepare for the upcoming school year and begin recalling last year’s skills.

Story by Adrian Lindell

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