Day of Silence at Neuqua Valley

   Neuqua students organized the Day of Silence on Thursday, April 26, an event created by GLSEN, which stands for Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. GLSEN’s national Day of Silence is on Friday, April 27, but since there is no school on Friday, students at Neuqua participated in the Day of Silence on Thursday.

    But what is the Day of Silence all about? Emma Lagman, a junior participating in the event, stated, “The Day of Silence is a way for the LGBT community and allies to kind of show the impact of how LGBT communities are often bullied and silenced or even killed because of hate crimes. So the point of is for allies to feel what it’s like to be silenced to kind of spread the word about these issues. So yeah we usually use this day as an opportunity to talk about the struggles and how other people are able to show their support.”

   Students set up a table in the commons to spread the word about the Day of Silence to others. At the table, the students had “little cards that are nationwide cards that just describe what Day of Silence is and why people are choosing to be silent. We have cards that say who or what you’re silent for. They kind of show who they’re in support of, if it’s themselves or their friends or community in general. We also have books and pamphlets on the Day of Silence, whether they are participating or not because education is important.”

Story and photos by Sana Khadilkar

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