Neuqua’s Masterworks

  Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi are a few names that have shaped the way that we listen to and perform classical music. From graceful hymns to simple concertos, Neuqua has been able to showcase various composers through the talent of the music department on Jan. 18, 2018. The orchestra, band and choir have spend days in class rehearsing and perfecting complicated pieces of music. Masterworks is one of those concerts just as popular as Crystal Concerts so the seats were filled row by row.

  Although the performers’ family and friends may not enjoy classical music, the music department expresses classical music in a way that keeps you listening and awake the whole hour and a half. Masterworks usually consists of freshman with the help of Varsity Choir, Chamber Strings and Wind Ensemble.

  The night started off with the prelude music  consisting of small groups who played pieces that set up the tone for the rest of the concert. Most of the groups were freshmen and it’s amazing what they are able to do in a matter of weeks. They showed such difference in maturity from eighth grade to now. Even when freshmen were singing together with upperclassman, it was hard to distinguish those who were in varsity and those who weren’t.

  When the program started off with Dixit Dominus with the cecilian singers, bass choir and concert strings, you could feel the change in mood and attention. There were small ensembles from freshman choir and they both displayed amazing tones and tight harmonies between each other. The audience shifted their focus on the concert, treating it like a professional performance..

 Similar to Crystal Concert, Masterworks had performances in various locations. Some were on the main stage with others  in front of the balconies or in the alcoves on each side of the auditorium. The majority of the quartets or groups were performed in the side areas. This component allows the audience to not get bored and makes them constantly divert their attention to different places.

  The night ended with Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor. The Varsity Singers, Chamber Strings/Orchestra and Wind Ensemble combined together to perform five movements of the piece. This performance was truly incredible with the mature voices from the Varsity Singers and the skilled experience from Strings and Winds. This shows why Masterworks is the second most popular music department concert during the school year. The people  in the auditorium were truly blown away by the large scale music that the students in the performance were able to show throughout the night.

Alexis Emmens, Maia Ninan, Harrison Stevens performed “12 Trios for Three Horns” by Frehse as the first performance of the prelude. During this time audience members began to flow into the rows in the auditorium to support their fellow friends and family.

Story and photos by Rianna Panergalin

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