The magic and beauty of a storied Neuqua tradition

   The curtain opens. The twinkling lights and ambient glow surround you as you are captivated by over 800 students who all strike a synchronized, single chord. It’s the 2017 Crystal concert, a holiday event at Neuqua that has been established for the past 21 years, showcasing the musical talents of the student population at the Valley. This year, the theme of ‘Crystallization’ encapsulated the performance.  The seamless transitions between acts, the ensembles tantamount to those of a professional show and the atmosphere created by a captivated audience all add to the elegance of the performance. The show encompasses all aspects of the musical program, from vocal performances to a brass quintet. The musical program, led by department head Jonathan Lauff, moves together, and displays a show of unity like no other. Among the acts, notable pieces included ‘Glow’, a performance by all of the choirs combined, which added to the holiday spirit by featuring a candle-lit auditorium, and ‘The Polar Express’, performed by the symphonic orchestras. Crystal has been unique to Neuqua for many years, and has established itself as a holiday tradition for so many. While it only comes to the Valley once a year, the effect of the community gathering together as one is felt year round.

Story by Madeline James

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