A Spooktacular tradition

  Spooktacular is an annual Halloween concert at Neuqua. The audience is invited to come in their Halloween outfits and the performers are in costume, too. At the end, all the children in the audience are invited to parade around the auditorium and get candy from Neuqua student volunteers.

  This year, the Wildcat Fiddlers started the show, performing Maple Sugar. Their other selections included Country Waltz, Swallowtail Jig – featuring vocalist Eirene Stavropoulos – Enter Sandman, and Harry at Hogwarts. Their conductor Brad Pfeil, dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, alternated between playing with the students and conducting with a blue lightsaber. They closed with the tune Happy Trails.

  The Neuqua Valley Symphony Orchestra performed the second half of the concert, starting with the Spooktacular Overture, written specifically for the concert by Neuqua Valley’s own Greg Schwaegler. The piece provided a soundtrack as Dr. Fuhrer – dressed as Dracula – snuck onto the stage. Fuhrer was the “Monster” of Ceremonies for the evening, setting the mood and providing background on the pieces – with the occasional vampire joke, of course. The orchestra performed Danse Macabre, a Halloween classic, and the Muppet Show Theme while directed by Jonathan Lauff. They also played Hexenritt and Harry Potter Symphonic Suite under the direction of Greg Schwaegler.

  The last part of Spooktacular is an annual tradition – the Children’s Costume Parade. The Symphonic Orchestra performed Pirate Dance while the Wildcat fiddlers led the costume parade around the auditorium. After all the children had gotten back to their seats, the orchestra ended the song and Dr. Fuhrer closed the concert out by thanking the audience for coming. Neuqua Valley will hold another Spooktacular concert next October.

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