Cats overcome the water: Girl’s swim and dive senior night

 On Wednesday October 10, the Neuqua Valley girl’s swim and dive team celebrated their senior night at a home meet against their rival school, Waubonsie Valley. With dedication, endurance, and enthusiasm, eight senior swimmers remain on the team after four tireless years. The seniors’ smiles, along with pink and green tiaras adorning their wet hair and senior sashes covering their swimsuits, displayed the pride they hold for their sport.

  As the meet began to orchestrate, the divers bounced and flipped into the deep end. While some of the athletes performed at an amerature level, others recieved nearly perfect scores and applause from friends and family that watched attentively in the balcony. Jitters ran through the swimmers, not from the cold water that elicits goosebumps, but from the excitement of the senior night ceremony that would soon take place.

  A carefully decorated banner hung above the warm up pool. Each senior’s name was written in blue and gold. Glittery stars encompassed their congratulations. The team’s eyes glimmered with admiration and their hearts exuberated a genuine pride for their teammates. After girls completed diving, a tunnel of blue and gold kickboards waved above the aisle that runs between the cyan waters of the main pool and the warm up pool.

  The parents of the seniors hugged their daughters with bittersweet smiles and gifted them with huge bouquets of neon flowers. This was the sign of the end of an era. Soon, there would be no more carpooling to practices at five in the morning. No more chlorine laundry taking up space in the mud room. No more cheering in a stuffy balcony. But as each senior shook the hands of their coaches, their hard work was recognized, “I have put in a ton of effort being on varsity all four years and hope that the younger swimmers can learn something from me,” adds Marisa Eagan, senior. The class of 2018 has certainly left their mark on the team and are ranking the team higher than last year.

  The Wildcats dominated the swimming lanes and won the meet against the Warriors with an overall score of 124-62. The team reigns Dupage Valley Conference champions after two years and will compete in the DVC on Saturday, October 28.

Story and photos by Emeli Brewer

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