Virtual business class incorporates crucial real world experiences

 This past Tuesday, Neuqua’s Virtual Enterprises International classes underwent an interview process for positions typical businesses would have. VEI is a student run online business that mimics the roles and functions of a real life business.

  Students apply for positions such as Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or departmental positions. They must submit a résumé, cover letter and a letter of reference as a real job application would require. They finally have to go through an interview with outside members of the community, business professionals or district board members to replicate the feeling of a real interview.     

  During the interviews, the VEI students had to articulate their thoughts and manipulate their angles to be able to ‘pitch’ themselves to interviewers while maintaining natural conversation. They practiced interviewing techniques and skills that would help them achieve their desired positions.

  Mr. Hanson, a VEI and business teacher, states that the interviews “bring in the anxiety and the anticipation and the build up, the preparation that has to do with an actual interview” opposed to conducting it with the teacher of that class. He believes that there is a different kind of pressure when the students are being interviewed by strangers. It teaches the interviewees to exercise basic mannerisms not commonly used in a classroom like handshakes, introductions about oneself and eye contact.

  Though, as Mr. Hanson admits, the final decision is primarily up to the teacher, the interview acts to provide a more realistic approach to the application process. Hanson affirms that “it’s the real experience for the students is what we’re [the VEI teachers] essentially after.” Every VEI student had the opportunity to dress in professional business attire and experience the more real aspects to this virtual business class.

Story and Photos by Emily Oh


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