Best of Advanced Media

The best of Media Production 2, 3, and 4 classes are listed below. To watch, you must be signed into your Google Apps for Education account. Go to for more info on classes and opportunities.


Purple Dog Records, 3rd place Commercial category MMEA Video Festival created by Matt Thomas and Armin Nikravan

Vans Commercial, 2nd Place Commercial category MMEA Video Festival, created by Kristina Rodriguez

What is Google, Finalist National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Student Awards. Created by Josh Alexander and Jack Gramza.

School Promotion:

Neuqua Valley Football Road to State. 2nd place School Promotion Category MMEA. Created by Scott Anderson.

Music Video:

Day N’ Nite. Finalist Music Video Category MMEA. Created by Chris Durkin, Jack Hemmingway, and Tyler McEvily,

Mrs. Potato Head. Created by Annaliese Munn.

Rocky Theme Song. Created by Eddy Orozco.

I Guess I’m Floating. Created by Kristina Rodriguez.

Fade. Created by Sofia Varela Hernandez.

Four Walls. 1st Place National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences student awards. Created by Rachel Marsh.

The Only, Only. Created by Grace Oxner.

Clarity. Created by Mackenzie Sammeth.

The Case of the Cold Killer. Created by Matt Thomas, Jack Hemmingway, and Armin Nikravan.

The Art of Desperation. Created by Mackenzie Sammeth, Ashna Sran, Scott Anderson, Jack Hemmingway, Jack Skarr, Billy Arends, Rachel Marsh, Tyler McEvilly, and Chris Durkin, and Spenser Kern.

Paralyzed. Created by Matt Thomas, Armin Nikravan, and Erin Kuehner.

Seeking. Created by Nick Green, Gabe Dreschler, and Jenna Lafferty.

Neuqua Media Promo:

Created by Scott Anderson and Jack Skarr.

Tribute to the class of 2017. Created by Scott Anderson.

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