NV Youth & Government Unprecedented Success at State Assembly

Neuqua Valley Youth and Government had unprecedented success at its state assembly this past weekend.  All 76 “YAGers” did our community proud by their conduct and their performance in our Illinois government competitive simulation. Students debated legislation, campaigned for office, argued before the Supreme Court, and many were recognized for their outstanding performances.  Please congratulate the following students:


2017 Election Winners:  

  • ​Archit Dhar, Governor [3rd governor in NV history, one of only four students in YAG’s 68-year history to win three major offices over his YAG career]
  • Bernie Wang, Secretary of State
  • Shreya Sridhara, President of the Senate
  • Roshini Balasubramanian, Speaker of the House


2018 Election Winners:

There were two elections this year only because YAG is now electing the four major offices a year ahead so that students serve for a full year.  NV swept all of the offices that were up for election.


  • ​Trisha Prabhu, Governor [4th NV governor, only 2nd female governor in YAG’s 68-year history and the first in 28 years]
  • Ryan Miller, Lt. Governor
  • Eunice Chang, Secretary of State
  • Rekha Iyer, Chief Justice


Judicial Awards:

  • Alex Shura + Chailuv Gidwani won Best Oral Argument for the second year in a row, in addition to 2nd Overall in their category.
  • Vanessa Cai + Lily Nie swept first place in all three judicial awards in their category, winning Best Oral Argument, Best Bench Memo, and Best Overall.
  • Viraja Alluri + Meera Gosavi won the 2nd Place Bench Memo award in their category
  • Madie Mehra + Rekha Iyer won the 3rd Place Oral Argument award in their category
  • Wenjing Li + Nomuna Dorjbat won the 3rd Place Bench Memo award in their category


Legislative Awards:

  • Legislative Assistant Forum Winners:  Abby McArthur-Self [first place], Fayha Nazeer [second place] + Neel Pai [third place]
  • Most Effective Lobbyist Awards:  Anuva Shandilya, Josh Kim, Kevin Sciackitano
  • NV had the first overall bill signed into law — authors TJ Obora, Andy Song and Roshini Balasubramanian
  • Most Effective Legislator: Trisha Prabhu

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