Nepal Earthquake Children’s Relief Fundraiser

Neuqua students can help the children in Nepal who’s lives have been devastated by the recent earthquakes. The fundraiser is through the Save the Children Organization. The children in Nepal barely have any food, any water, or any shelter to sustain themselves, and they need as much help as they can possibly get. Ninety percent of the proceeds will go directly to the cause of saving these children, while ten percent of the contributions will be used to prepare for the next emergency that might take place.

Neuqua students can donate in their Social Studies classrooms, and the money will be collected and kept safely each day. There is also an online fundraiser that can be found here to contribute to saving the children of this disaster. The deadline for accepting donations in school will be May 31st in order to send out the money as soon as possible to help out the young victims. The online fundraiser will last until June 9th, however, if students desire to contribute more to the cause.

To give an idea of how we are making a difference: $40 can help provide five jerry cans to save water for the victims, $90 can supply four families with emergency supplies, and $120 can provide three families with kitchen sets to allow the victims to cook and consume food hygienically. This earthquake has been a devastating crisis, and it is a call-out to our community, to help in any way we can to save these children.

To view a video made by the students that shows some of the devastation in the area, please click here.

For more information, please contact your Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Bishir, or Sophomore Natasha Nath (

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